What Will Apple Vision Pro’s Impact Be On Users With Low Vision?


Apple has announced that its new Vision Pro headset will become available to US customers from the 2nd of February, with pre-orders starting January 19th. The device will cost $3,499.

In a recent interview on Double Tap, Steven and Shaun were joined by broadcaster, podcast host and author Shelly Brisbin who shared her insights into the potential the device might offer to people with low vision.

The discussion delved into the ways in which Vision Pro could offer support for people with different types of low vision. Despite the many accessibility features that the Vision Pro may have upon launch, Shelly raised concerns about how people with differing levels of vision might manage to use the device, including those with monoscopic vision.

Shelly Brisbin is the author of the popular iOS Access For All book, which is available to purchase now. You can also follow Shelly on her podcast called Parallel.