WeWalk Smart Cane 2 Unveiled: The Double Tap Take

WeWalk Smart Cane 2

Steven and Shaun discuss the announcement of the WeWalk Smart Cane 2 and its new features, in which they point out the issues with the original version, such as its bulkiness, lack of functionality in the rain, and a top-heavy design.

They discussed the potential benefits of the new version, including its redesign to resemble a traditional white cane handle, lighter weight and inclusion of buttons for various functions, AI integration, intelligent voice assistant, and improved obstacle detection.

They also highlighted the device’s use of sensors to capture data for monitoring user performance and suggested the importance of training and consultation for users to maximize the functionalities of the device.

The hosts expressed their interest in trying out the new device and plan to interview the WeWalk team for an in-depth discussion.

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