WeWalk Smart Cane 2 Unveiled & Negative Julian Is Still Confused

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In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive into a variety of topics, starting with Shaun’s rant about the challenges of navigating trash day in the UK, which cleverly segues into a discussion about the newly announced WeWalk Smart Cane. They explore how this smart cane could potentially make navigating the streets easier for visually impaired individuals, especially on days when obstacles like bins and parked cars make mobility a challenge.

The episode includes a detailed breakdown of the WeWalk Smart Cane’s presentation, with audio clips from the event that describe the cane’s functionality and the technology behind it. The hosts express their intrigue and optimism about the potential of the smart cane, while also acknowledging the importance of hands-on training to fully utilize its features.

Furthermore, they touch on the significance of data and AI in enhancing mobility aids, mentioning how the WeWalk Smart Cane could collect useful data for orientation and mobility specialists to monitor and improve users’ navigation skills.

There’s also more comment from Negative Julian about the use of on-board AI on devices, with further explanation offered by Steven and Shaun.

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