VizLens App

Viz Lens

Lena introduces an app called VizLens which she finds somewhat useful. The app helps users figure out the buttons on flat screens. It has two modes of interaction: pointing the camera at a specific button or taking a picture and exploring it. However, the app has a few quirks. Buttons without labels are not identified, and the app does not provide any information about them. For buttons with labels, the app works well.

Lena demonstrates the app by taking a picture of a flat screen microwave. Although the app identifies some buttons correctly, it does not label them accurately. However, Lena mentions that the app has been successful in identifying buttons at vending machines and public laundromats, where the buttons have clear labels.

In summary, Lena thinks the developers have a good idea but need to work on perfecting the app. Lena has had zero success using the pointing and camera feature, but the app has been helpful in specific situations. She encourages others to try the app and provide feedback to help the developer improve its functionality.

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