Updates Coming Soon Across Humanware Range


In this interview, Steven Scott talks to Mathieu Paquette, Product Manager at HumanWare, and Andrew Flatres, their Braille Product Manager. They cover a wide range of topics, including updates for the Victor Reader Stream 3, upcoming features for the Stellar Trek navigation assistant, and the latest developments on the Mantis Q40 and Monarch Braille displays.

Mathieu discusses the forthcoming software update for the Stream 3, addressing issues such as bookshelf organization and faster SD card loading. He also talks about the collaboration with TuneIn and potential future partnerships with content providers like BBC and Audible. Andrew details the new version 2.2 update for the Mantis Q40, which introduces a terminal-only mode, auto power-off, and other enhancements, as well as updates on the Monarch and Annie.

They also discuss the importance of accessible technology for Braille literacy and education, acknowledging the value of tools like Annie in teaching Braille to young students. They also highlight the upcoming pedestrian crossing detection feature for the Stellar Trek navigation assistant, providing enhanced support for visually impaired travelers.