Travelling Blind

Travelling Blind

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece engage in a candid discussion about the challenges and anxieties associated with traveling while being blind or visually impaired.

The conversation focuses on the central topic of travel, with Steven highlighting that while long-distance travel to places like Vienna, America, Dubai, or Australia does not intimidate him, short trips, such as going to the shops, can be daunting. Shaun agrees, noting that pre-booked assistance during train or plane travel provides a sense of security, likening themselves to parcels being UPS-ed around the world.

Steven elaborates on the difficulties of short journeys, such as navigating local shops and dealing with the uncertainty of assistance. He also discusses the differences between traveling with a visual impairment versus other disabilities, mentioning that individuals in wheelchairs might have very different experiences, such as being left on a train or missing assistance due to infrastructure issues.

Both hosts stress the importance of attitude when interacting with assistance personnel and suggest that a friendly approach can lead to better outcomes. They acknowledge that for many, the anxiety of leaving home is a significant barrier, exacerbated by the convenience of online services and the comfort of familiar environments.


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