TimeCrest Text Adventure Game


TimeCrest is a text adventure game that follows the story of a boy named Ash whose world has been destroyed by meteors. The player, through a pocket watch, has the ability to turn back time and save Ash’s world. The game focuses on unraveling the mystery behind the meteor destruction and preventing it from happening again.

Double Tap listener Anexis reviews the game for us explaining how, unlike traditional level-based games, Time Crest is divided into chapters that can be quite long. Players may need to pause the game and return at specific times, receiving notifications when it is time to continue. The game features a layout with important information displayed at the top left, such as the current chapter, year, and available resources.

Anexis also demonstrates how interacting with the game involves responding to incoming messages by selecting options presented by the game. The player’s choices impact the story’s progression. Time Crest also includes features like a shop, a music player, and a pocket watch for additional gameplay elements.

Overall, Anexis shows us how Time Crest is highly accessible and offers an engaging text-based adventure experience.

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