The Week In Tech News & Better Help App Demo

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun are back to their usual selves chatting through the week’s news from Grace Scoffield, reading through your emails, and getting an excellent app description from listener Lena.

Grace Scoffield delivers a roundup of the week’s most pressing news, touching on delays in the launch of the Optima Braille laptop due to unforeseen circumstances and the forthcoming iOS 17.4 update from Apple, which promises enhanced privacy settings and more choices for EU members.

Additionally, the introduction of TypeAhead, a novel approach to navigating with voiceover using artificial intelligence, is discussed, offering a glimpse into the future of accessibility technology.

There are also lots of listener emails on a wide range of subjects but you can be guaranteed that a healthy dose of discussion will be around tea. Plus, listener Lena tells us about how to get help at home with therapy and counseling through the Better Help app.

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