The Great Cane Debate, Cooking With Be My AI & The End Of Alexa As We Know It?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive into a mix of tech news, listener feedback and some intriguing discussions about smart technology, particularly focusing on Amazon’s Lady A (Alexa) and the evolving landscape of smart speakers and AI.

Steven and Shaun predict the future will bring a new wave of smart speakers powered by AI, which will likely require new hardware to support more sophisticated on-device processing. This conversation leads to a broader discussion on the potential impact of AI on accessibility, with both hosts recognizing the promise AI holds for making technology more usable for people with disabilities. However, they also acknowledge current limitations, such as accessibility issues on websites like

Listener feedback plays a significant role in this episode, with emails touching on topics like using AI for cooking assistance and the importance of tactile feedback in mobility aids like white canes. The hosts also respond to a listener’s critique about their skepticism towards smart canes replacing traditional mobility aids, clarifying that their concern lies more with the lack of community involvement in the development of such technologies rather than opposition to innovation itself.

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