The Evolution Of Braille Devices & Dictaphone Discussion

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Today on the show, Steven and Shaun discuss the evolution of Braille devices following our recent conversation with Adi Kushner from Access Mind. Dan writes in with questions about the long-term viability of a device such as the Optima laptop and queries about long-term support from companies like Orbit and Vispero.

Also, there’s news of a new online Braille learning tool called Braille Brain from American Printing House for the Blind. Listener Lena shares her thoughts.

And there’s more of your feedback, in particular around the different and varying dictaphone devices we have available to us as people who are blind. Graham from Toronto shares his thoughts on the Wilson Recorder, while Greg in Pennsylvania suggests that the much-discussed Olympus DM-770 and DM-720 are two similar, but different devices.

Check out more about the Braille Brain course here:
Check out more about the Wilson Recorder here:

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