The AI Dilemma

Artificial Intelligence

Today’s news headlines are filled with stories about what true artificial intelligence could do for humanity, both the good and the bad.

But what does true artificial intelligence look like in practice, and are we focusing too much on the negatives rather than the potential positives?

On this episode of Double Tap, Steven and Shaun take a deep dive into the topic following a fascinating speech by Tristan Harris from the Center for Humane Technology in the USA, where he outlined the lessons that must be learnt from social media before we embark on embedding AI into everything in our world.

Check out the full episode of Double Tap at the end of this article, but also check out these interesting videos that started this conversation.

The AI Dilemma by the Center for Humane Technology (from YouTube):

CBS 60 Minutes on Google’s development of AI:

Listen to the Double Tap episode titled The AI Dilemma: