Seleste Founder & CEO Updates Double Tap On Glasses Future

Seleste Glasses

The Canadian company that manufactures and sells smart glasses for people who are blind and have low vision is ready to expand its market due to the stability and positive feedback of the glasses.

Seleste Glasses are designed to be comfortable and inconspicuous, with a focus on improving reliability and enhancing the features of the glasses, including the AI assistant, Ella.

Shubh Mittal is the company CEO and told Double Tap that they are heavily investing in AI technology and constantly improving the glasses’ hardware and software, offering a subscription-based model for customers with a return policy and plans for international shipping.

The company also collaborates with the CNIB and is focused on making the glasses available globally.

In this interview, Shubh explains that he is committed to making smart glasses accessible and beneficial for people with vision loss.

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