Seeing AI Update, Whispp App at CES & Smithsonian App Review

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show it’s another packed episode with Steven and Shaun discussing the latest update to Seeing AI, with a demo of its new features from contributor Thomas Domville.

Also there’s two contributions today from listener Lena, who shows off the Smithsonian app on her iPhone, and also has a response to those asking for screen readers to be slowed down during reviews. To download the Smithsonian app here are the links (not available in all countries):

App Store: (

Play Store: (

And we revisit Steven’s time at CES in Amsterdam this week, kicking off our series of interviews with an incredible app called Whispp that enables people who stutter or are losing their voice to regain their speech. Find out more and download the app for yourself here –

Tune in all week for interviews from CES, and catch all the interviews in our one-hour CES Amsterdam special on the 21st of October.

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