Samsung Unpacked, Orbit News, and the Inside One Braille Tablet

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In today’s episode, Steven and Shaun are buzzing with excitement over the plethora of news hitting the tech world. They discuss the recent Samsung Unpacked event, which, despite not usually capturing Steven’s attention, brought some intriguing features to the table. Shaun, on the other hand, is particularly fascinated by the AI capabilities and live translation features announced.

Special guest Sallih Kunduz from the Accessible Android website and podcast joins the show to give his expert take on the Samsung announcements. Salih emphasizes the significance of AI in the new Galaxy S24 series and the potential for enhanced accessibility through live transcription and translation during phone calls.

The conversation then shifts to Orbit Research and their elusive OrbitSpeak product. Steven shares updates on the anticipated release, expressing cautious optimism due to previous delays. The hosts also touch upon the unfortunate delay of the Optima Braille laptop, promising to delve deeper into the reasons with Adi Kushner in a future episode.

Another highlight of the show is the introduction of the Inside One Braille tablet by a French company. This Windows-running device aims to revolutionize the Braille note-taking experience with its touch-sensitive screen and Perkins-style keyboard overlay. Eric Roche from Inside One gives listeners an in-depth look at the tablet’s features, design, and potential for inclusion in educational and professional settings.

Lastly, Steven and Shaun discuss the rumours about a paid subscription model for Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. They ponder the value of such a service and what it would need to offer to justify the cost.

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