Revisiting Zero Project Conference 2023

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In this episode of Double Tap, host Steven Scott takes us back to the Zero Project Conference 2023 in Vienna, where he explores the intersection of disability and technology.

The show kicks off with a deep dive into echolocation, a technique often associated with bats and dolphins, but also used by some blind individuals to navigate their environments. Steven chats with Juan Caprice, a blind mobility instructor from Europe, who shares insights on how echolocation can be a powerful tool when combined with other aids like guide dogs and canes.

Steven also takes listeners on a tour of the exhibits hall at the conference, highlighting innovative products designed for people with disabilities. He meets with José Robinje, co-founder of Key to Enable, who has developed an accessible keyboard that transforms the way individuals with severe disabilities interact with computers and smartphones.

Another notable interview features Marielle Ellington, founder and CEO of Void, who talks about creating an app that turns smartphones into external microphones for hearing aid users. Steven also chats with Ivar Sagona, CTO of Deafinitely, about an app that translates spoken language into sign language animations, making communication more accessible for the deaf community.

The episode wraps up with a conversation with Shani Dhanda, recently voted the UK’s most influential disabled person. Shani discusses the challenges and progress within the disability community, the impact of the pandemic on inclusion, and her experiences facing both disability and ethnicity biases. She also touches on how technology has transformed her life, providing autonomy and convenience in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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