New Microsoft Surface PCs Are Even More Accessible

Microsoft CoPliot PC

A number of new accessibility features are being integrated into the new Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition and Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition announced recently. Learn how these Copilot+ PCs from Microsoft Surface can help you to work, play, and communicate. But first, check out the audio-described video below promoting the new CoPilot+ PCs:

Adaptive touch mode

Enjoy adaptive touch mode with Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition’s Precision Haptic Touchpad.. With adaptive touch mode, you can use the touchpad with different parts of your limbs, such as your palms or feet. The Surface Precision Haptic touchpad’s haptic motors deliver tactile feedback that simulates the feeling of physical clicks or taps. This gives you a more intuitive and immersive experience while using a Surface device. Head to the Surface app. Click on Touchpad Settings at the bottom of the list, and toggle Adaptive Touch on. With Adaptive Touch active, the touchpad responds to limb different inputs. Here, you can adjust haptic settings and customize the touchpad’s settings to work for your specific needs, for example you can adjust the resize of the right click region, adjust the force required to register a click, and the time between clicks to register a double click.

Inclusive keyboards

Adaptive touch is also available in Surface Pro Flex Keyboard, a detachable keyboard that’s compatible with the new 2-in-1 Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition. The versatile keyboard allows you to position your device and keyboard in the most comfortable position. Surface Pro Flex Keyboard comes in an optional bold keyset version, which offers larger bold font, high contrast, and brighter backlighting to illuminate the keys and improve visibility. These features can make communicating, creating, and playing easier, especially in low-light environments.

The Surface Pro Flex Keyboard also features a dedicated Copilot key. Having a single Copilot button on the keyboard means you can access the AI-powered assistant almost instantly, with fewer clicks and keystrokes, a major benefit for those with limited mobility.

Adaptable design

The ultra-light, ultrathin Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition is incredibly adaptable. It includes a 165-degree fluid kickstand that’s perfect for those who need to adjust their device to fit in different workspaces. For example, you can mount the kickstand to a wheelchair. Since it can be used as a tablet with touch or pen input, it’s ideal for those who may have difficulty using a keyboard or a mouse. Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition also comes with high-quality microphones for dictation and multi-touch screens with digital ink for more natural and tactile interactions.

Microsoft adaptive accessories

Next Gen Surface AI devices are compatible with Microsoft adaptive accessories. For example, the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse is a compact wireless mouse created for those who have difficulty using a traditional mouse or for anyone who wants to customize a mouse that’s unique to their needs. You can personalize it by attaching the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support (sold separately) for a traditional mouse experience.

To navigate your Surface device without a traditional keyboard, try the Microsoft Adaptive Hub and Adaptive Buttons. These accessories help you complete tasks with the push of a button. You can program each button to create shortcuts or open apps on your device. There are three different Adaptive Buttons available for a more inclusive experience. The Microsoft Adaptive D-pad Button is a button topper with an eight-button layout. The Microsoft Adaptive Joystick contains a digital joystick that allows users to interact with their device. The Microsoft Adaptive Dual Button is a button topper with a scroll-up-and-down layout. If you want to customize your Microsoft adaptive accessories even further, you can use Shapeways to get a 3-D printed attachment for each device.

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