New Lenovo Laptops Offer Updated Accessibility Features

Lenovo New ThinkPads

Lenovo is introducing a new accessibility feature in their ThinkPad lineup of laptops.

The company’s success can be attributed to listening to customers and producing products based on their feedback. Lenovo focuses on purposeful design, making changes only when necessary and beneficial to users.

The new accessibility feature in the keyboards includes raised bumps for easier navigation and a switch of the control and function keys to accommodate visually impaired users.

Steven Scott speaks to Graham Thomas about the updates. He is the company’s Senior Technologist for the UK and Ireland, He also talks about how Lenovo is also incorporating AI capabilities into their laptops, allowing for on-board AI processing.

The company offers a range of laptop options, from entry-level to premium, with different brands like IdeaPad, Yoga, and Legion.

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