New Features Coming To Envision this Year

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In this interview, we dove deep into the world of AI, specifically how it’s being harnessed for accessibility at Envision. Our guest from Envision shared the latest updates and the impressive strides they’ve made in AI for the visually impaired over the past seven years. They’ve been pioneers in the field, long before AI became the buzzword it is today.

Karthik Karnan told Steven Scott about the new “Ask Envision” feature, which is revolutionizing how users interact with the app and glasses. This feature allows users to ask questions directly from scanned documents or images, making it easier to access information on menus, street scenes, and even foreign language documents.

The conversation also touched on the hardware side of things, particularly the future of Envision with Google discontinuing its Glass product. Despite this, Envision has enough stock to meet demand and plans to continue updating the glasses with new features.

Our guest highlighted how Envision is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with existing hardware, and they teased some major changes coming to the software that will feel like getting a new product every year.

The show also explored the limitations and potential of other smart glasses on the market, like Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses and Apple’s Vision Pro. Envision’s focus remains on creating a seamless, portable, and comprehensive experience for their users, regardless of the hardware limitations.

Lastly, we discussed Envision’s subscription model, which was introduced to help users keep their software up-to-date with new features without breaking the bank. This model ensures users have control over their updates and continue to receive essential maintenance and security updates even if they opt not to pay for new features.

Overall, the episode was a fascinating look into how Envision is leveraging AI to create a more accessible world and their commitment to continuous innovation in both software and hardware.