Microsoft’s Surface Event & Aira Adds AI

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun dive into the big news from Aira and the Microsoft Surface event.

Starting with the Microsoft Surface event, they discuss the unveiling of the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, specifically designed for business use. This sparks a debate about the relevance and excitement around Microsoft’s offerings, especially in a world where Mac and PC users fiercely defend their choices. The introduction of a Copilot key on select Surface models stirs a mix of curiosity and skepticism, highlighting the growing influence of AI in everyday tech.

There’s also more news from CSUN’s Assistive Technology Conference as it wraps up for another year, with Grace Scoffield bringing us news of updates from Be My Eyes, Aira, Orbit Research, HIMS International and more.

The show focuses on the Aira announcement as Steven and Shaun welcome CEO of AIRA, Troy Otillio and Jenine Stanley from the company to share their news of a new Access AI feature that is rolling out to users worldwide as a beta.

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