Meta AI Arrives In Canada

Meta AI Ray Bans

Steven and Shaun discuss the exciting news that Meta AI is now available in Canada for the Ray-Ban glasses.

They express their enthusiasm and surprise at the popularity of the glasses, which are reportedly selling out faster than they can be made. The hosts delve into the various features of the glasses, including the addition of Meta AI and the ability to make video calls with WhatsApp and Messenger.

Moreover, they reflect on the evolution of the glasses, acknowledging that the initial edition received mixed reviews, but the second edition has addressed many of the previous shortcomings. They note that the focus of the MetaConnect event was primarily on VR and the Quest headset, and yet they argue that the upgrade of the Meta Ray-Ban glasses is the bigger story and a more practical innovation for today’s world. Furthermore, they discuss the wide range of styles and designs of the glasses, expressing their excitement about new releases, including a pink option.

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