Lenovo Accessibility Updates & BITS from ACB

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun find out about some big news from Lenovo as they make strides in the world of accessible technology. Jeff Bishop is here to share his insights and expertise, and he’s brought his BITS along. Expect to hear about the latest developments and how they’re making tech more accessible for everyone at ACB through their BITS program.

Michael Babcock drops by to share some exciting accessibility improvements coming to Lenovo computers. He explains how Lenovo has been working with the Governor Morehead School to understand how individuals who are partially sighted use PCs and how they’re adding tactile representation to key buttons on new laptops.

The conversation with Jeff is particularly intriguing, as he delves into the world of ACB’s BITS program, which focuses on empowering blind individuals to take their technology skills to the next level.

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