iOS 17.4 Issues, Living In Finland & Mr. F Strikes Again

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece kick off with a light-hearted banter, reflecting on their fatigue and the unexpected wake-up call Shaun received due to a family emergency. Despite their tiredness, they dive into the daily discussion.

They get underway with talk from Shaun expressing his excitement and some frustrations about the iOS 17.4 update, especially concerning dictation issues. They ponder the possibility of having VoiceOver updates independent of iOS updates, similar to Android’s TalkBack, to address bugs more efficiently.

Listener emails bring a mix of feedback and questions, ranging from gym accessibility for the visually impaired to the absence of Double Tap in a podcast recommendation list. A listener from Finland shares her experiences with Braille and her curiosity about the podcast’s publishing schedule.

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