Interview Special: Meet Blind Journalist Robert Kingett


This week on Double Tap, Steven Scott sits down with special guest Robert Kingett, a blind author, accessibility consultant and journalist. The conversation delves into Robert’s background and his journey as a journalist who is blind, providing a unique perspective on advocacy and how it has evolved for him over time. A significant part of the discussion revolves around the importance of learning Braille and the challenges of learning it later in life. Robert shares his personal experience of sudden vision loss and how it impacted his life, highlighting the importance of technology in bridging the gap between people who are disabled and non-disabled.

Robert also opens up about his turbulent childhood, growing up with a single mother struggling with drug addiction. He talks about the importance of control and stability in his life, and how technology and creative pursuits provided that for him. The conversation then shifts to Robert’s educational journey, where he shares his decision to attend a school for the blind. Steven and Robert discuss the importance of providing children with the tools they need to succeed, regardless of their visual abilities.

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Listen to Meet Robert Kingett: Part 1

Listen to Meet Robert Kingett: Part 2

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