The Inside Story Of the Award-Winning Audio Description Techniques Of International Digital Centre

Audio description

A company that produces high quality audio description for major TV shows and movies has been recognised at the annual ACB AD Awards Gala.

International Digital Centre’s (IDC) Audio Description department received the 2023 Audio Description People’s Choice Award for the description track they created for the smash-hit Netflix series “Wednesday,” which was a collaboration between IDC’s bicoastal studios: written by Liz Gutman and produced by Eric Wickstrom in New York City, and voiced by Frankie Corzo and mixed by Luke Thompson in Los Angeles.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description is a secondary audio track made available on TV shows and movies to allow blind and partially sighted people to follow along with the plot of the story through additional audible narration. It is vital to many blind people in order to consume and enjoy shows and movies.

How is Audio Description Created?

International Digital Centre (IDC) is one of the companies at the forefront of producing top quality audio descriptive tracks for shows such as Wednesday, but also for shows such as All The Light We Cannot See and Squid Game.

Double Tap’s Steven Scott sat down with Eric Wickstrom and Liz Gutman from IDC back in early 2022 to shed some light on the complex process of writing AD, the critical role of diverse and inclusive representation, and the challenges and rewards of incorporating authentic voices in AD narration. And of course, we discussed how the rise of AI and use of synthetic speech would impact the industry.

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