Hable One Braille Input Keyboard


The Hable One is a Bluetooth keyboard designed for inputting Braille on your phone and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Listener John gets in touch to share how he’s been getting on with it.

John explains that the device comes in an elegant box with a USB-C charger, a wrist strap, and Braille instructions.

The keyboard itself is compact, resembling a numeric keypad or a small iPhone, with a retro design.

It features six main buttons laid out like Braille, along with additional buttons for controlling the phone. Setting up the device is straightforward, requiring only to turn it on and connect it via Bluetooth in the phone settings.

The Hable One provides feedback through vibrations and indicates battery levels with different vibration patterns, and allows users to navigate and interact with their phones, including typing and deleting numbers, using Braille input.

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