GyroGlove Redfines Stability for Parkinsons Patients

GyroGlove Redfines Stability for a Tremor-Free Life | Access Tech Live #CES2024

The GyroGlove was developed as a wearable solution for 200 million people worldwide with hand tremors. In this interview from Access Tech Live, Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo discuss the creation of the GyroGlove and how it gives people with Parkinson’s disease relief from the frustration around the tremors that come with the disease.

Dr Fail Ong, the founder of Gyrogear and maker of GyroGlove, and Roberta Wilson-Garrett from Canada who lives with Parkinsons, joins the guys to talk about the product.

You can find out more and follow GyroGear here

Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo hosted a special #CES2024 edition of Access Tech Live with interviews from the CES show floor. This is an interview that aired as part of their live stream and broadcast on AMI-tv (

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