Glidance Offers A Self-Guided Mobility Aid For Blind People


Amos Miller, the CEO and founder of Glidance shares the details of his innovative autonomous self-guided mobility aid for the blind with host Steven Scott..

Amos explains that Glidance is like a robot that guides a blind person, similar to a guide dog or sighted guide. The device has a handle and two wheels that steer and use sensors, AI, and cameras to guide the user safely to their destination while avoiding obstacles. There are different ways to navigate with Glide, including predetermined routes, integration with maps, and line-of-sight targets.

The team is focused on creating a mobility aid that enables people with low confidence and mobility limitations to become independent. Amos discusses the role of technology in empowering the blind community and emphasizes the importance of developing a product that is affordable and accessible to a wide range of users.

The discussion touches upon the challenges of wearables and the need for devices to effectively communicate information to the user. Amos also shares the genesis of the project, including his personal experience with sight loss, and the collaborative work with Guide Dogs and Microsoft.