Express: New Braille Learning Tool, Mac OS Demos & Being Blind

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show Steven and Shaun are joined by Grace Scoffield to go over the big news stories of the week, including Open AI’s huge conference for developers, Be My Eyes reaction, and Elon Musk claiming to be able to restore vision to the blind.

Also there’s an in-depth discussion about the new braille learning tool called ‘Annie’ from ThinkerBell Labs, which will be sold in the UK and other countries by Humanware.

Michael Babcock also joins us for two Mac demos, one on using the NumPad Commander to control your device, and also how to get clipboard history using a Mac app called Launcher.

And following our discussion on being blind over the last week, we hand the mic over to you and hear your take on the challenges of telling others about your blindness and how you come to terms with it yourself.

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