Express: Driving Blind, InsideOne Braille Tablet & Samsung Unpacked

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On this Friday, January 19, 2024, Steven and Shaun dive into a weekly roundup of tech and accessibility news, discussions and interviews.

The show kicks off with the hosts discussing the new schedule for Double Tap, which will now be five days a week, with four regular shows and the Friday Express. This change comes as they prepare to launch content on YouTube, aiming to maintain the quality of their work without spreading themselves too thin.

Grace Scoffield joins with Double Tap news headlines, covering Samsung’s new flagship smartphones featuring Galaxy AI, Google’s Circle to Search feature, the anticipated Orbit Speak from Orbit Research, and the upcoming Hable Two Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones. She also mentions the WebAIM survey for screen reader users, which is gathering insights to enhance web content and standards for people with disabilities.

Steven has a conversation with Eric Roche about the Inside One Braille tablet, a Windows-running device designed with touch technology for the blind community. It’s a high-end product that aims to provide a seamless experience for blind users, though its price point may be a barrier for some.

The episode also delves into accessible gaming, specifically focusing on Forza Motorsport, which allows people who are blind to drive with no vision at all. Steven interviews Ross Minor, who shares his excitement about the game’s groundbreaking accessibility features and the inclusive gaming experience it offers. They discuss the game’s sound cues, customization options, and the overall reaction from the gaming community.

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