Enough With The Robot Guide Dogs!

Enough with the robot guide dogs

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, Steven Scott and Shaun Priest discuss their skepticism towards the constant announcements of new technology aimed at replacing traditional mobility aids for blind and visually impaired individuals, such as white canes and guide dogs. Steven expresses his frustration with the influx of “smart” mobility aids, arguing that there isn’t necessarily a problem with the current aids that requires a high-tech solution. Instead, he advocates for technology that enhances the user’s experience without replacing the cane or guide dog, citing the example of WaveOut, an app that uses spatial audio for navigation.

Steven criticises the approach of companies that develop products without consulting the blind community first, leading to solutions that may not be needed or wanted. They urge manufacturers to engage with a broad range of blind and visually impaired individuals before creating products to ensure that they address actual needs and desires.

The hosts invite viewers to comment on what kind of technology or device they would want to assist with mobility or other aspects of life as a visually impaired person. They stress the importance of creating aids that complement existing tools like white canes and guide dogs rather than attempting to replace them.

Transcript: https://doubletaponair.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/119-Robot-Guide-Dogs.txt

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