Enhancing Smart Mobility with WeWalk Smart Cane 2

Enhancing Smart Mobility with WeWalk Smart Cane 2

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, Steven and Shaun are joined by two of the team from WeWalk, namely Growth Manager Joe Alfonso and Head of Research and Design Dr Jean-Marc Feghali.

They discuss the development and features of the WeWalk Smart Cane, version two.

It covers the history of the company, the improvements made in version two, user feedback, engagement with the visually impaired community, and the integration of AI technology.

The focus is on enhancing the user experience and maintaining the traditional appearance of the cane while incorporating advanced technology.

The conversation also covers the WeAssist platform, the development of the WeWalk SmartCane 2, and the impact of the technology on visually impaired individuals.

It also discusses the pricing and availability of the devices and services.

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