Double Tap News Roundup: 9th December

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In a week filled with exciting developments for Android users, we witnessed Microsoft’s Seeing AI make its way from iOS to Android, greatly aiding those with visual impairments.

Simultaneously, the innovative Be My AI feature, a collaboration between Be My Eyes and OpenAI, was introduced to Android users, enhancing everyday accessibility.

The tech world also buzzed with the Sight Tech Global Virtual Conference, highlighting advancements in assistive technologies.

Meanwhile, Beeper Mini’s launch promised to bridge the gap between Android and iMessage users, but has so far caused controversy.

Additionally, Google’s TalkBack update brought significant improvements for Braille users, and the audio tech sphere saw a major shift with RØDE acquiring Mackie. These developments, alongside Microsoft’s extension of Windows 10 security updates, are featured in our weekly news roundup, read by Grace Scoffield.

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