Diving Back Into The Inbox

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive back into their overflowing inbox to tackle a variety of listener emails, exploring topics from accessible technology to personal anecdotes and beyond.

One listener, Sharon from Michigan, updates the hosts on the Blindshell mobile program, highlighting the ongoing efforts to secure continued funding for this valuable service.

Another email from Dave touches on key safes and sunglasses, introducing practical solutions for everyday challenges faced by visually impaired people. Dave shares his personal experience with macular degeneration and the difficulties of wearing sunglasses with hearing aids, sparking a conversation on the importance of accessible options for everyone.

Eleanor brings up the topic of Braille education, advocating for its inclusion in the curriculum for visually impaired children. This leads to a broader discussion on the benefits of specialist schooling versus mainstream integration, with the hosts sharing their perspectives on the matter.

Dennis from Nairobi seeks advice on accessing sensitive content on Twitter, reading e-papers, and a peculiar issue with VoiceOver not reading the word “are.” The hosts provide their insights and encourage Dennis to provide more details for further assistance.

The episode also features discussions on the Ambutech No-Jab cane, recommended by several listeners for its innovative design that prevents jabs during use. This sparks a conversation about the preferences and experiences of cane users.

Lastly, Mark from Miami Beach addresses the upcoming changes to Gmail, advocating for the standard view over the basic HTML version. He emphasizes the accessibility of the standard view with screen readers and encourages listeners to adapt to the new format.

The show wraps up with a reminder that there will be no new episodes now until Easter Monday when the boys return. Happy Easter everyone!

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