CSUN Extra with AwareWolf & Case For Vision

CSUN Extra

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive into more of the innovations showcased at CSUN, with a particular focus on two companies that stand out for their unique contributions to the assistive technology landscape.

They start off with a discussion of the all-terrain cane by the company Werewolf Gear. Deborah Epstein, the chief marketing director, shares the story behind the creation of a durable cane that combines the functionality of a trekking pole and a mobility cane. This innovation is particularly notable for its strong materials and design, which allows users to lean on it for support, challenging the traditional advice against relying on a cane for weight support.

Also, the Case For Vision product is introduced as a practical tool for people with low vision, offering a simple yet effective way to use smartphones for magnification and distance viewing.

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