Could ARM Processors Change The Windows Experience Forever?

Snapdragon Elite ARM Chips

There are lots of rumours circulating around what is next for the PC, with talk focused on new ARM processors that could make the Windows experience much better.

Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discuss the rumoured release of the new Surface Laptop 6 and the new Surface Pro in particular, both of which are expected to feature processors that will rival the MacBook Pro. They also explore the potential use of the Snapdragon X Elite processor in the new devices, and the implications for performance and battery life. The hosts express their excitement for these new developments, and speculate on the potential impact of ARM processors in PC devices.

They also touch upon the past shortcomings of devices with ARM processors, such as the Surface X, and discuss the potential improvements that have been made in both hardware and software to address these issues. Additionally, they consider the potential for the new devices to serve as both laptops and tablets, and share their hopes for a successful shift towards ARM processors in PC devices.

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