Convention Coverage & Aira Pricing

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun discuss the latest news from Aira regarding their decision to keep legacy pricing in place until January 2025, Twitter’s slow collapse and the new apps using Microsoft Soundscape code: Voice Vista and GoodMaps Outdoors.

Also, we have full convention coverage from Michael Babcock at the ACB Convention in Chicago, and Damashe Thomas at the NFB Convention in Texas. We learn about a company called IRIE-AT that sells its own line of Braille displays and embossers worldwide. More details here:

Plus, there’s an interview with a company all about making travel more accessible. Find out more about Magical Moment Vacations here:

And Aira’s Jenine Stanley drops in from the ACB Convention to talk about Aira’s pricing decision, and to share her first thoughts on the new Seleste Glasses and the Orbit Speak, which has finally been released.

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