CES Has Major Focus On Accessibility In 2024


In a recent episode of Access Tech Live on AMI-tv, hosts Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo welcomed Steve Ewell, the Executive Director of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation.

With CES 2024 on the horizon, Steve expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming event. With over 1,100 startups and a plethora of global brands participating, the focus on technology benefiting older adults and people with disabilities is more pronounced than ever. Highlights include over-the-counter hearing aids, social robots, and haptic tablets for the blind and low vision community.

Reflecting on the previous year’s CES pitch contest, Steve shared updates on companies like Goodmaps, Rebokeh Vision, and Xander. These firms continue to push boundaries, from indoor navigation for the visually impaired to innovative smart glasses aiding those with hearing loss. Looking forward to the announcement of the winner of the 2024 pitch competition, the focus will be on health tech. With a diverse array of entries, including brain-computer interfaces and AI-driven healthcare solutions, the event promises to showcase the forefront of accessible technology.

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