Can Blind People Use Apple Vision Pro?


Join Steven Scott and Shaun Preece from Double Tap as they delve into the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro, set to release on February 2nd.

In this third episode, the duo discusses the built-in accessibility features that make Apple products inclusive for everyone, including those with vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments.

They share insights on how the Vision Pro could potentially enhance the lives of the visually impaired through apps like Be My Eyes, voiceover capabilities, magnification, and various gesture controls.

Steven and Shaun also explore the use cases for people with multiple disabilities, highlighting the device’s adaptability with features like braille display compatibility, customized subtitles, and input options.

Although they may not get their hands on the Vision Pro just yet, their excitement and expertise shine through as they evaluate its potential from a blind user’s perspective.

Tune in to find out if Apple’s latest innovation lives up to the hype in terms of accessibility and usability for the visually impaired community.


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