Bridging The Gap Between Mainstream And Accessible Technology With Allison Sheridan

Allison Sheridan

In this interview, Steven and Shaun engage in a lighthearted conversation with Alison Sheridan, who hosts a tech podcast called NosillaCast.

The discussion went into various aspects of accessibility and the use of technology in aiding people with disabilities, particularly related to blindness.

Allison shared her personal connection to accessibility and how her interest stemmed from a young age. She also discussed her approach to incorporating accessibility content into her tech-focused podcast, citing her time at MacWorld where she did a presentation using assistive technology while blindfolded.

The conversation covered her experiences with using AI in her podcast production and the various ways she incorporates accessibility testing into her tech reviews.

The hosts also explored her upcoming attendance at the CSUN conference and her experiences at previous conferences, covering a wide variety of accessibility technologies and devices. Sheridan also shared personal anecdotes about her experiences with her mother’s vision loss, as well as her own journey with macular degeneration.

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