Braille with Jake


In this episode of Double Tap on Youtube,Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discuss the importance of learning Braille for children with low vision, not just those who are completely blind.

They are joined by Jake, a student at the Perkins School for the Blind, who shares his experience with Braille and its impact on his education and future job prospects.

The conversation covers topics such as access to Braille education, the benefits of Braille for reading and learning, the use of Braille in different settings, and the debate between QWERTY and Perkins Braille keys.

00:00 Introduction and Personal Experiences with Braille
04:29 Braille: The Key to Literacy and Learning
09:08 QWERTY vs Perkins Braille Keys: A Matter of Preference and Needs

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Hosted by the insightful duo, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece, Double Tap is a treasure trove of information for anyone who’s blind or partially sighted and has a passion for tech. Steven and Shaun not only demystify tech, but they also regularly feature interviews and welcome guests from the community, fostering an interactive and engaging environment. Tune in every day of the week, and you’ll discover how technology can seamlessly integrate into your life, enhancing daily tasks and experiences, even if your sight is limited.

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