Blind Audio Describer Fern Lulham On Latest Work On Netflix Drama

Fern Lulham

Blind audio describer Fern Lulham has spoken to Double Tap about her career in voice acting, and her role as the AD voice for Netflix’s latest hit limited-series, All The Light We Cannot See.

Adapted from a popular novel, the series intricately weaves the lives of two distinct characters against the backdrop of World War II. The central figure, Marie-Laure, a young blind girl, experiences life’s complexities and the war’s cruelties with a unique perspective. Her counterpart, Werner, a German soldier with a knack for technology, especially radio, finds his path intersecting with Marie-Laure’s in a poignant narrative of conflict, humanity, and resilience.

Enter Fern Lulham, a talented audio describer with a personal connection to the story – she herself is visually impaired. Fern’s role in audio description (AD) is not merely to narrate the unseen but to breathe life into it, allowing blind and visually impaired audiences to vividly experience the visual elements of the series.

Unlike sighted describers, Fern relates to the content on a more intrinsic level. Her narration goes beyond mere description; it empathizes, understands, and translates the visual world in a way that resonates with those who rely on audio description.

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