Best of YouTube: Google Accessibility, Oko App Comes To Canada & Shaun Reacts To Mobility Lesson

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of the Best of Double Tap on YouTube, Steven and Shaun discuss Google’s accessibility features for 2024 across their range of devices, a new navigation and road-crossing app coming to Canada, and Shaun’s reaction to his recent mobility lesson.
First up, Carrie Morales joins the guys to chat about new accessibility features coming to Android 15 as well as the new ChromeBook Plus laptops.
Then Michael Janssen joins Steven and Shaun to discuss his app called Oko that helps blind people cross the road safely. It’s coming to Canada on July 1st and he shares details of what blind Canadians can expect, and also what new features are coming the same day.
And Shaun Preece reacts to his recent chat with Aoife Buckley from Vision Ireland about receiving orientation and mobility training. He talks to Steven about his feelings of the need to learn following the chat and what steps he plans to take.
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