Best of YouTube: ARX Vision, Microsoft Surface Accessibility & Alt Opinions On Alt Text

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In this episode of the Best of Double Tap on YouTube, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discuss various topics related to technology, accessibility, and innovation.

They delve into an interview with Charles Leclercq, the CEO of ARxVision, discussing the ARX AI headset and its features. The episode also explores the evolution of artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of ARxVision’s developments.

They also touch upon Microsoft’s CoPilot Plus PCs and the innovative features they offer, such as the haptic touchpad and inclusive keyboards. Furthermore, the episode addresses the recall feature, its temporary halt due to security concerns, and the importance of ensuring user privacy and data security in technological advancements.

And Steven offers his own feelings on the demands by some in the blindness community for people to add alternative text to their images, suggesting blind folk could be better off accessing image descriptions by AI services instead.

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