Best of YouTube: AI Gets Personal, Shani Dhanda Joins Steven & The Blind Filmmaker On Apple Vision Pro

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In this episode focusing on the Best of YouTube from this week, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discuss a range of topics related to technology and accessibility.

The episode features an interview with Shani Danda, a disability inclusion consultant and the UK’s most influential person with a disability in 2023. Shani shares her experience at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna, her work with international clients, and her thoughts on the state of disability in the UK. She also talks about her children’s book, “No Horn Unicorn,” which is rooted in the social model of disability. (Starts at 13 seconds)

Shaun Preece introduced an app called Pi, which is a personal AI. He discusses its capabilities, such as providing news summaries and interacting in a more human-like manner. The hosts also delve into the ethical considerations and potential benefits of AI companionship for individuals who may be isolated or have mental health concerns. (Starts at 18 minutes 51 seconds)

The episode concludes with Steven Scott interviewing James Rath, known as The Blind Filmmaker, about his experience with the Apple Vision Pro. James, who is partially sighted, shares his positive impressions of the device, especially the high-resolution display and built-in accessibility features. He compares it to other assistive devices like eSight and discusses the potential for developers to create apps that could further enhance the experience for visually impaired users. (Starts at 41 minutes 7 seconds)

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