Best of YouTube: Accessible Showers, Travelling Blind & Enough With The Robot Guide Dogs

In this episode focusing on the best of YouTube from this week, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece, discuss a range of topics related to technology and accessibility.

We kick off with Steven’s conversation with Susannah Aday from Mira Showers UK about their new Mira Select Flex Shower, designed with accessibility in mind and in partnership with RNIB. The shower features inclusively designed attributes, such as high contrast controls for temperature and flow, a push button start/stop, and easy-adjust fittings, making it accessible for all, including those with visual impairments. Steven also speaks with Robin Spinks, head of inclusive design at RNIB, who elaborates on the partnership with Mira Showers and the importance of inclusive design in product development.
(Starts at 13 seconds)

Next up is the topic of traveling as a person who is blind. Steven and Shaun share their personal experiences and the challenges they face with short distances compared to longer journeys. They highlight the importance of assistance services in making travel more accessible but also acknowledge the mental exhaustion and anxiety that can accompany traveling when visually impaired.
(Starts at 18 minutes 39 seconds)

And finally, the guys delve into the topic of technology aimed at replacing traditional mobility aids like white canes and guide dogs. They express skepticism about the effectiveness and necessity of such technologies, stressing the importance of consulting the visually impaired community before developing new products. They invite listeners to share their thoughts on what technology or gadgets would genuinely benefit them in terms of navigation and mobility
(Starts at 38 minutes 42 seconds)

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