Be My Eyes Introduces Friends And Family Feature

Be My Eyes Groups

Be My Eyes has unveiled a new addition to its app – Be My Eyes Groups. This feature gives users the ability to establish their own bespoke networks of support for daily tasks, aimed at creating a more personal and secure group of contacts to seek assistance from.

Be My Eyes Groups is a response to the feedback from its community. Many users expressed discomfort in seeking help from unknown volunteers, regardless of their goodwill. Now, with Be My Eyes Groups, users can form a circle of trust comprising friends, family, or colleagues. This addition complements the existing base of 7 million volunteers, enhancing the support for private and sensitive tasks.

Hans Jørgen Wiberg, the founder of Be My Eyes, spoke to Steven and Shaun on the Double Tap podcast to explain more about the new feature.

How to Set Up a Group

Setting up a Be My Eyes Group is straightforward:

  1. Open the Be My Eyes app and select “My Groups” on the homepage.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create and name your group.
  3. Invite friends and family members using the link provided at the end of the setup process.

Once your group is established, connecting with your trusted circle is as simple as pressing the Be My Eyes Groups button.

Users can include up to 20 people in their circle and create up to 5 different groups. This feature, like other Be My Eyes services (standard volunteers, Specialized Help, and Be My AI), is free of charge. The worldwide roll-out begins on December 20 as an open beta test, ensuring its efficacy for a global audience.

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