ARX Vision 1.5 Developer Explains Latest Hardware

ARX Vision 1.5 Developer Explains Latest Hardware

Charles Leclercq, CEO and founder of ARX Vision, discusses the latest version of their AI headset.

The headset, now called ARX Vision 1.5, is shaped like an arc and has a 4K camera. It is wired to a smartphone and becomes the main camera and interface for specific apps.

The integration of computer vision and artificial intelligence has allowed for multimodal question and answering, making it possible to converse with scanned documents.

The design of the headset focuses on not covering the face and providing open ear audio. The new version of the headset is lighter, has improved electronics, and offers a better unboxing experience.

The price has also been reduced to make it more accessible. The product will be available through CNIB in Canada, RNIB in the UK and direct from ARX Vision in the USA.

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