Are You Pro Perkins & Black Tea, Anyone?

In today’s episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive deep into the debate: Are you pro-Perkins? That’s right, we’re talking about the classic Perkins Brailler versus the modern QWERTY keyboard, and how the tech landscape is shifting for Braille users.

Steven’s got his hands on the Shure MV7 microphone, and he’s sounding smoother than a Barry White serenade. But the real question is, will Shaun finally get his cheeseburger?

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got listener emails that are sparking conversations you won’t want to miss. From the nuances of Braille education to the emotional rollercoaster of living with vision loss, our community is chiming in with stories and insights that are as real as it gets.

And as always, we’re keeping it light with some fun banter about language differences (black tea, anyone?) and the occasional rant about the trials and tribulations of being partially sighted in a sighted world. So whether you’re pro-Perkins, QWERTY-keen, or just here for the laughs, tune in to Double Tap and join the conversation. Don’t forget, we love hearing from you, so keep those emails coming!

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