Aira Introduces Pilot Programs with Meta Ray-Ban and ARx Smart Glasses

Aira Wearables

Aira has announced two pilot programs that will integrate their services with Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses and ARxVision smart glasses. These integrations aim to enhance access to their visual interpreter service through wearable technology.

The integration of Aira with Meta Ray-Ban glasses allows users to stream video and audio from the glasses while keeping their phones in their pockets. This hands-free approach is designed to improve mobility and convenience, offering users a variety of wearable options to meet different needs and preferences.

Meanwhile, ARxVision, known for its ARx AI Gen1.5 wearable headset, is partnering with Aira to incorporate their visual interpreting services. The ARx AI Gen1.5, which works with Microsoft’s SeeingAI app, is becoming a wearable of interest within the blind community.

Aira is inviting existing users of ARx glasses and Aira Explorers to participate in the pilot program. The Aira Android app is currently compatible with the ARx AI Gen1.5. An iOS adapter, which will be available soon, will ensure full compatibility with iPhone 15 and above.

The Meta Ray-Ban glasses are known for their ease of use, AI integration, and affordability. Aira’s pilot program with these glasses aims to identify the best methods for making Aira calls through Meta Ray-Ban glasses.

Aira is seeking feedback from Explorers who own Meta Ray-Ban glasses and have an iPhone 13 or newer to improve the user experience and ensure seamless integration. The pilot program will thoroughly test this integration, with no guaranteed outcomes at this stage.

To participate in these pilot programs, download the Aira Explorer app from the Apple iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store. Navigate to the “more” tab, select “smart glasses,” and fill out the form with your information.

For more information, you can contact [email protected] or call 1-800-835-1934.

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