Aira AI, New QWERTY Braille Displays From Orbit & Host Of NosillaCast Podcast Talks Accessibility

In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece kick off with excitement about CSUN 2024 and the latest developments in accessible technology. Allison Sheridan, the host of the NosillaCast podcast, also joins them to share her insights from the event.

The episode starts with a significant announcement from Aira, introducing new AI features aimed at enhancing accessibility for the visually impaired. The discussion highlights the Access AI feature from Aira, which combines AI with human verification to provide detailed descriptions of images for users.

Also, the guys discuss the announcement of new devices by Orbit Research, specifically the Orbit Reader Q40 and Q20, which feature QWERTY keyboards and are designed to make Braille more accessible and affordable. Despite the excitement, there’s skepticism regarding the actual availability of these products, given Orbit’s history with delays.

Allison Sheridan then shares her passion for incorporating accessibility into mainstream tech discussions. She recounts her learning about accessibility, including teaching herself voiceover and advocating for accessible app design. Allison’s anticipation for CSUN centres on exploring innovative solutions across various aspects of accessibility, not just for those who are blind or partially sighted but for all disabilities. Her story of attempting a tech talk blindfolded and her efforts to promote image descriptions in social media highlight her commitment to making technology inclusive.

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